How do we reclaim what is essential to maintaining and repairing human and non-human life? Which path led us to live in a society in which the indispensable is taken for granted, unseen and undervalued? 

As human beings we want to care and to be cared for to remain related to others. Under the title The Right Distance the second edition of the Who Cares? Feminist Art Festival invites artists, activists and cultural workers to reflect on the interstitial space that is created between the caregiver and the cared-for. If caring is being in a situation of relatedness and vulnerability, under which conditions do we say that someone cares for another living being? And how is that space established, maintained and eventually enhanced so that it does not become prejudicial for those involved?

Care is usually regarded from the perspective of the caregiver as something that is given to or done for another living being. This approach forgets the vital role of the cared-for in maintaining this relationship. With The Right Distance the festival reinforces the idea of care as a relationship between two parties that are equally responsible for staying in relatedness, even though their roles are different. Moving away from the paternalistic approach of care that is based on projections and principles, care as a relational practice depends upon the one-caring as well as the cared-for being in a state of receptivity in which the right distance is constantly actualized.

Who Cares? Feminist Art Festivals intertwines different artistic positions that address care relations from feminist, intersectional, queer, activist, intergenerational, equitable, anti-ableist, ecological and utopic perspectives. Several workshops for different kinds of audiences give visitors the possibility to collectively reflect and exchange on the right distance to care.

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Curator und Artistic Director: Valeria Schwarz
Exhibition Design: Carla Isern
Assistance Production: Lorène Blanche Goesele
Assistance Art Mediation: Marie Benthin
Graphic Design: Stephanie Becker
Website: Wies Hermans
Public Relations: Georg Zolchow and Inés Mora
Editing: Svenja Gräfen
Translation DE-EN: Emily Hawkins
Translation EN-DE: Seraphine Peries
Photography: Victoria Tomaschko
Video: Johannes Plank

An iCollective e.V. project

Who Cares? Feminist Art Festival – The Right Distance is generously funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa and Hauptstadtkulturfonds (HKF).