Thursday 08.09.2022
13:30 - 17:30

For all ages
Language: German

Prior knowledge necessary: the participation includes writing

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Barrier-free wc
Childcare ×
Wheelchair accessible participation is possible
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ⓒ Mira Schwaiger

What space do personal needs require? Who gives them this space? And at what price? What distance is there between the need and the provider? What distance is necessary? How are etiquette and emotional distance mutually dependent? Who is cared for – the person or the need?

Kollektiv(e) Selbstausbeutung will address these questions in the form of an installation. In a participatory performance, visitors and performers can try out a way of dealing with personal needs and, at the same time, engage with the question of the (monetary) value of care work.

Bring your needs with you, they will be professionally cared for.