An Annex to Afrodita (2017) for Who Cares? Festival

Núria Güell

Active Listening

This artwork has been produced as an annex to Afrodita (2017) for WHO CARES? FEMINIST ART FESTIVAL.

The project aims to turn the time I spend with my child into a work of art, so that I can use the budget to cover the production costs of a new artwork commissioned by a festival focused on care work. It is certainly not a huge amount of money, but it is enough to alleviate the scarcity of productive time – and consequently of income- linked to the task of raising a child during the COVID-19 lockdown.

After spending many days thinking about care and following a similar process I followed for Afrodita (2017), I decided to convert the time I spend with my child into goods or capital through the methodology I have named analitic replica.

This gesture brings back some of the questions and reflections I had during those two months; by reclaiming social and economic recognition for empathy and love, aren´t we following the productivist logic we criticize so much? Isn´t there something perverse about demanding to change fondness, passions and relationships into a value? And finally, if care work is the good, isn´t there a risk that care work becomes a goal and s/he who is being cared for turns into a mere instrument to reach that valued good?