Photo: Katja Volkenant


NOV. 14, 5 PM


Who Cares? Feminist Art Festival invites four festival participants to exchange about Visions for a caring society.

How does a caring society look like? Which experiences had the speakers, which utopias do they have? Which ideals could work as solutions for the present problems?

Yildiz Akgün director of the inclusive association Mina e.V., artist Valentina Karga, artist Magdalena Kallenberger (from the collective Maternal Fantasies) and Johanna Fröhlich Zapata, founder from "Alltagsfeminismus" reflect together about which steps and ways would lead us to a caring society.

Some authors define care as each action that has to be done in order to maintain and repair our world, so that all beings can live in it as well as possible. How would a caring paradigm look like, in which the needs of all (human and non-human) beings are considered? Which concepts of solidarity do we need for it?  And what does “as well as possible” mean in relation to care? 

Theoretical as well as context-based approaches meet in this panel discussion while utopia and reality co-create change.

The panel discussion will be recorded and published in the We Care Podcast as an edited version.

Moderation: Sarah Ulrich (TAZ Journalist, author of the We care Podcast)