Photo: Marlena von Wedel


NOV. 8, 2-5 PM


The workshop Sewing Circle by the Feminist Needlework Party is a public discussion, a spa experience and a sewing circle combined. The aim of the workshop is to offer exercises in unlearning the deep-rooted tendency to elicit a hierarchic separation between body and mind (where the mind is prioritized over matter). More specifically, the workshop is focussed on trying needlework and studying to become completely intertwined.

Prior to the workshop, the participants will read a carefully selected text about feminism, care and repair. For the workshop itself, they will be invited to bring a loved but broken garment. At the start of the workshop, the participants will exchange their clothes for a bathrobe. They will introduce themselves through the broken garment they brought. Emmeline de Mooij (visual artist) and Margreet Sweerts (performance director) will perform The Feminist Needlework Party Manifesto. Subsequently, a repair technique will be demonstrated and practiced. While doing needlework, the text will be discussed, thus establishing a practice of embodied public speech.



The Feminist Needlework Party (established in 2019) is a political feminist artist movement that is dedicated to studying, repairing, speaking, patching up, unlearning and mending.

From the Feminist Needlework Party Manifesto:

"We want to restore the disturbed relationship to our immediate surroundings and a damaged world as a whole. The act of repairing textiles plays an important part in this because it is an exercise in slowing down, embodying and transforming. Through this, we are connecting with the underexposed longstanding history of women, in which textile production was a daily reality."