Thursday 01.09.2022
18:00 - 22:00

Prior knowledge necessary ×
Barrier-free WC
Childcare ×
Space for wheelchairs

Public event in feldfünf e.V. Projekträume.
Please check out the corona rules at that point in time as they will be valid for attending the festival. Thank you for caring!

Justyna Koeke, Highheels Performances
Justyna Koeke, Highheels Performances
THF Rolling Radio
"Zukunftswerkstatt" a participative installation, illustrated by Jade Dreyfuss. photo ⓒ Lorène Blanche Goesele

from 6 pm
Exhibition opening

7 to 8 pm
“Highheels Performances” by Justyna Koeke

A person will be transformed into a sculpture by being covered with everyday objects, art objects and remnants of art production. She will carry these objects with her own body strength until she has no more strength to lift everything. When it becomes too heavy, the sculpture will collapse.

6 to 10pm
Activation of the participative installation “Zukunftswerksatt” with illustrations from Jade Dreyfuss.

8 to 10 pm
DJ Set Rolling THF Radio w/ SANAZ

Rolling Radio is a tool for Artists and Activists. Everything that is needed to play music, hold a talk or a concert fits into the bike trailer. We broadcast via THF Radio – the community radio station of Torhaus – and stream worldwide from the neighborhood. The Rolling Radio was used in different locations in 2021 including: Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin, Floating University Berlin, Haus der Statistik, Living The City Exhibition, Lobby Urbane Praxis, Dragoner Areal Berlin. Thanks to Urbane Praxis, Projectfonds Draussenstadt and Constructlab for the support.