Minimum Viable Hologram Sessions to experience a protocol for peer-to-peer care

The Hologram

Monday 05.09.2022
13:00 - 15:00
Wednesday 07.09.2022
11:00 - 13:00
Thursday 08.09.2022
11:00 - 13:00

language: English

prior knowledge necessary×
translation into German×
barrier-free WC
wheelchair accessible participation is possible
translation into sign language×

The Hologram is a peer-to-peer health monitoring protocol practiced from couches all over the world. It has been spreading virally, from one (future) caretaker to the next, since early 2020. This project is feminist science-fiction come to life, and at the same time, is an anarchist social technology that anyone can use. Above all, The Hologram is a simple protocol for meeting with friends to focus on collective wishes, formally and long-term. The Hologram protocol creates autonomous health and stability and reminds us that we are a cooperative species, that we don’t need advanced degrees to wish for and work towards a world where everyone who cares for others is well taken care of.

The Hologram protocol’s basis is simple: One person, “the hologram”, invites three friends, “the triangle”, to meet with them on a regular basis and ask them questions about their physical, social, and emotional health. In this way, the triangle becomes the hologram’s living medical record if they practice this meeting together repeatedly over time. The triangle members are not experts. Instead they feel alongside the hologram, and observe their life changing over time. In turn, the hologram encourages their triangle members to invite three people into their own Hologram, so everybody who gives care is also well taken care of.

For the Who Cares? exhibition, Cassie Thornton, Florence Freitag, and Magdalena J. Härtelova, members of The Hologram Community of Practice will offer several opportunities to get to know and practice the protocol.

The MVH sessions offered here are 90 minute long guided mutual aid style sessions with one of the facilitators of the team who will walk four people through the protocol, the basic idea of The Hologram project. The facilitators, aka familiars of The Hologram, will explain hoch each part of the process works, and support the four people to have a transformative and supportive conversation

The four people for each session will be chosen randomly. Once 4 people registered for the event the session will take place at feldfünf e.V., venue of Who Cares? festival.

The MVH on Monday 5th can happen in both English, French or German language.

In case not not enough people sign up for a session, we will offer the possibility for an online MVH to a later date.