Wednesday 07.09.2022
16:00 - 19:00

From the age of 18
Language: English

Prior knowledge necessary ×
Translation into German
Barrier-free WC
Childcare ×
Wheelchair accessible participation
Translation into sign language ×

No registration possible.

Our workshop proposes a method for reflecting together with others about the interconnections linking work environment, technology and health.

Our approach is based on techniques for collective reflection and politicization- including the “instructions to the doppleganger” – used during healthcare struggles carried out by workers in Italy during the 60s and 70s, a largely forgotten history which we have been retracing during joint research in the archive and through interviews to protagonists.

The workshop will offer relevant tools for activists and organizers and whoever might wish to initiate storytelling and conversations around health in a variety of collective settings.

A printed zine based on the findings of our research around workers health struggles at the archive of Fondazione ISEC, supported by Matrice Lavoro (Milan), will also be presented and made available at the festival.