Behutsame Berührung - Talk with Julia Bonn, Katrin Dinges, Inga Zimprich

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe

Friday 02.09.2022
16:30 - 18:00

Language: German
Prior knowledge necessary ×
Translation into English×
Barrier-free WC
Wheelchair accessible participation
Childcare ×

Translation into sign language:
Unfortunately, there were no available interpreters for this date. Therefore, despite searching long and hard, we cannot offer a translation into DGS.

Public event. Limited number of participants.

We ask that you take a Corona test beforehand and wear an FFP2 mask in the room for the duration of the event.

FGRG und Katrin Dinges im Gespräch: Behutsame Berührung (2022), Foto © Valeria Schwarz
FGRG und Katrin Dinges im Gespräch: Behutsame Berührung (2022), Foto © Valeria Schwarz

In the field of tension between assistance, the health system, mutual support, care and bodywork, a multitude of different touches take place. How do we allow dependency? What level of trust and which rules do we need to feel safe with each other? What boundaries do we set and what roles do we experience? Julia Bonn, Katrin Dinges and Inga Zimprich will share their own experiences of sharing care and giving and receiving assistance.

Katrin Dinges is an artist who lives and works in Berlin. In 2018, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in German Literature and European Ethnology (HumboldtUniversität zu Berlin). Her main areas of study were cultures of memory, European fairytale- and legend- traditions, and journalism. Since the beginning of her studies, she has published articles, interviews and poems in publications such as TAZ (2019, 2020), Der Brücke (2018, 2019) and various feminist zines (magazines without a publisher), including district (2022) and the Sickness Affinity Group (2020). She works as an inclusive arts and culture facilitator; she designs and leads workshops, advises institutions and artists on accessibility and communicates her knowledge in text and interview formats. She has worked with <Platz da!> (art and culture mediation and workshops with teenagers and young adults, Berlin, since 2017), Kunsthalle Osnabrück (interview and hybrid panel discussion, 2021), Akademie der Künste (online workshop, Berlin, 2020), Galerie Neurotitan (workshop and consultation “Denk-Mal inklusiv!” Berlin 2019, 2021), Stiftung Taubblind Leben and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Taubblindheit (2019), Diversity Arts Culture (Berlin, 2019). Collaboration with artists include Patricia Walczak (Anders Sein Feiern, The Beauty of Being Different, Berlin, 2021-22), Georg Baur (Berlin, 2021), Feminist Health Research Group (Berlin, since 2019), Inga Zimprich (since 2018), Various & Gould (Berlin, 2019).