Wie stärke ich mein “Nein” in Sachen Care-Arbeit?

Johanna Fröhlich Zapata

Friday 09.09.2022
15:00 - 17:30

For women from the age of 18
Language: German

Prior knowledge necessary ×
Translation into English ×
Barrier-free WC
Depending on the weather childcare is offered in the space around the gallery
Wheelchair accessible participation

Translation into sign language ×
Unfortunately, there were no available interpreters for this date. Therefore, despite searching long and hard, we cannot offer a translation into DGS.


The number of participants is limited.

The event will take place under the corona regulations in place at the time.

In the feminist laboratory of self-knowledge, we explore what our ideal relationship of closeness and distance to care could look like and create Japanese flower arrangements (ikebana). In this way, we will explore the visions of our personal care utopia. Creatively we will approach a form of expression that will then become part of the exhibition.

In this secure setting, we step out of our daily care routine and engage in an exercise of regeneration through concentration.