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Why didn't you ask? - Care Work and Masculinities

Janosch Krotz & Olivia Zczypek

What are care work, emotional work and mental load? And what do feminism, misogyny, gender roles and masculinities have to do with them? The aim of this workshop is to discuss care and masculinities and to sensitise cis men [1] in particular to the complex issues associated with care work. For this purpose, we will also deal with (open and hidden) forms of sexism and think together about how cis men can act in solidarity with FLINTA* [2]. The aim is to create a space where we can ask questions and discuss in solidarity with each other. The workshop is open to all genders. Content Notification: anti-feminism, sexist and other discriminatory violence is described in the used methods, and sexualised violence is mentioned. The workshop is especially aimed at cis men who want to be in solidarity with feminists. FLINTA* are very welcome if they want to discuss these issues with cis men in a space of solidarity.


Sunday 04.09.2022
15:00 - 19:00