Variations on that or any person

Valeria Schwarz // Rebekka E. Böhme

Friday 02.09.2022
18:00 - 19:00

For all ages
No language

Prior knowledge necessary ×
Barrier-free wc
Childcare ×
Space for wheelchairs

Variations on that or any person, Valeria Schwarz & Rebekka E. Böhme

“Variations on that or any person” is a performance that deconstructs the Western myth of the self-sufficient person by reminding us that all beings are interconnected in a living web of interdependence.  While dancing with cleaning mops accompanied by live cello music, five performers address visitors, inviting them to reflect on what kind of care they have received throughout that day.

Concept: Valeria Schwarz
Choreography: Rebekka E. Böhme
Emmanouela Nikoli Dolianiti, Jihun Choi, Mamie Green, Mohamed Ben Salah, Ortrun Stanzel
Cello player:
 Samira Aly