Queer Feminist Care Through Memes: A Workshop on Visual Culture for High-School

Coven Berlin

Wednesday 07.09.2022
13:30 - 16:00

From the age of 13
Language: German

Prior knowledge necessary ×
Translation into English
Barrier-free WC
Childcare ×
Wheelchair accessible participation
Translation into sign language ×

Memes are inherently queer feminist forms of art because they defy institutional and elitist definitions of art. They require no training or education, they are free to make, and they have become important forms of expression for people who have been erased from white cube exhibition spaces: people of color, younger and older people, queer people, people without papers, and people with disabilities, to name a few.

We hope to exchange with high-school students who are already literate in meme visual culture to discuss queer and feminist memes and the potentially liberatory power of memes as a form of expression, connection, and criticism.