Caring Empowerment. Practicing how we want to relate

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe

Saturday 03.09.2022
16:00 - 18:30

From the age of 18
Language: English

Prior knowledge necessary ×
Translation into German ×
Barrier-free WC
Wheelchair accessible participation

For children from the age of 6. There is limited space.

Translation into sign language: Unfortunately, there were no available interpreters for this date. Therefore, despite searching long and hard, we cannot offer a translation into DGS.


The number of participants is limited.

The event will take place under the corona regulations in place at the time.

Fully abandoning the image of the grateful and pitiful receiver of care requires work from us, internally and collectively. Asking for, receiving and offering support can be empowering acts. But as we aim to strengthen the ways in which we can mutually support each other, we also need to educate ourselves and learn about the power dynamics at play in our often simultaneously caring, care-giving and care-receiving relationships. How do we care and offer help within our boundaries? Are we ready to hear a ‘no’ when we offer support? How specifically do we dare to ask for the exact support we need? Are we able to refuse help we didn’t ask for? How do our communities hold the heightened attention and responsibility for each other, as we expand our capacities for mutual support?

This workshop by Feminist Health Care Research Group offers playful exercises with examples from Radical Therapy and creates room to share experiences.