iCollective e.V.

iCollective is an organic collaborative platform of artists, curators and researchers working in the intersection of arts, urban interventions and socially engaged projects.

As a horizontal network, we explore the interaction of individual experiences and collective ideas, recombining the notions of private and public. Using different approaches, like the artistic-situational, we develop strategies that activate citizens in order to re-imagine the cityscape. Following this goal, we propose platforms that foster the configuration of symbolic places, as well as the creation of temporary communities that meet for a collective creative purpose. The city is our playground: you are welcome to play with us!

iCollective started in 2009. With different backgrounds and practices, we met in Berlin. Informal chats became passionate discussions, in which we shared our interest in combining our artistic work with the context we were living in, in a collective way. So we put our energies together and realised projects in different contexts and countries, like the parallel events of Manifesta 8 Biennial (2010, Spain) and Manifesta 9 (2012, Belgium), 48-Hours Neukölln Festival (2009, Germany), OpenArt Örebro (2013, Sweden), Buenos Aires Museums Night (2012, Argentina), Schmiede (2011, Austria), School of Intermedia Art, Hangzhou (2013, China), a.o.

After all this work, we continue exploring the concepts of public realm and communities, exploring new models of participation, self-management, creative uses of new technologies and cross-disciplinary methodology.

iCollective´s team is spread around the world and operates in several countries, with main offices in Europe and Latin America.