Coven Berlin

COVEN BERLIN is a queer art collective focused on feminism, love, gender, and sexuality. Founded in 2013, it blossomed when some queers answered a Craigslist ad. Current members are Harley Aussoleil, Frances Breden, Lorena Juan, Judy Landkammer, Kiona Hagen Niehaus, and Louise Trueheart. As a group, COVEN BERLIN wants to create an open sphere to defy systemic violence and inequality, and is devoted to emotional processing, collective healing, political reassessment, paying fairly, and supportive time-management strategies. The collective nurtures cultural work, in Berlin and online, in the form of embodied affective research and digital hybrid curatorial approaches, always with a breath of humor.

COVEN BERLIN puts on exhibitions and events, and runs an online magazine and newsletter. Their work has been shown at: ICI Berlin Writing Letters to Extraterrestrials (2021), Kunspunkt, Berlin Art Week SOMABOG (2021), feldfünf e.V. DANK MEMES 4 DANK TIMES, AN INVITATION TO SINK INTO THE BOG (2021), Galerie Im Turm, Berlin BURLUNGIS (2020); GMK Galeria, Zagreb EXTRA+TERRESTRIAL (2019); Project Space Festival, Berlin PROBAND WERDEN (2019); Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, Prague Neodaddyism (2019); nGbk, Berlin LUCKY (2018); Schwules* Museum, Berlin EXTRA+TERRESTRIAL (2018); Municipal Gallery Arsenał, Poznań, Polen BEDTIME (2018); Hybrid Art Festival, Madrid Labor or Labor (2018). Their next project about adolescence as a queer metaphor, Axe Pulse, takes place in Villa Merkel, Esslingen, in May and at Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana in September, 2022.